new Friends ? i wish i had my old friends :(

Yeahh statement bangang kan ?

Friends, is a human being that should be with us even were in a good or bad situation right ? Well that's whats my opinion bout friends. To me, now without money friends will never come. It's hard to find a loyal and trustworthy friends now :(

Why i want my old friends back ? well, they know what's my attitude likes, whats my favorite stuff or maybe what i didn't like. They never ever leave me behind. Well, same as me. I never forget them till i died. To Farah and Ratna, I miss you guys so much ! I would never forget our memories together. There's a lot of stories that i wanted to share with you guys :') please be by my side again.

Why do i put that statement ? Well my friends here at Mersing is not like what i thought they would be :( Their the worst friend ever. There's a girl that i trust, now i think that she stabbed my back. I just wish that i could go home now. I wish that i could become one of the stars who shines brightly and it had a lot of friends.

Dear god, i wish that i had someone that i could really trust here at Mersing :(

thanks for reading

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