Friend or Foe ?

Yeah it's been a while since i wrote in this blog.
I've been studying at Politeknik Mersing Johor :) wohoo, loads of friends that i've make there. I'm gonna be in Semester 3 next year. Wanna see my politeknik ? well its still new and were the luckiest student cause we got to use all new furniture and stuff ;)

well i don't have yet the picture of my campus, and that's that. That is the half of my classmate. Were freaking awesome cause were the most wanted class, and the blue Baju Melayu is our PA not as in out personal assistance but out Pensyarah Academic ;) He's just freaking awesome and super sporting, yeay high-five !

*face palm.*

Well the actual thing is studying in Polytechnic really do teaches me some stuff that i don't know such as slang, friends and most of all backstabbers. *ouch

There's a fight between my classes it's kinda horrible and it really did make our class reputation drop really low. Even all of our lecturer know who is DNS2B. 

Well there's a Sabahrian girl who really a hyperactive and kinda annoying sometime's ;) She always makes me laugh and fun together, but she's also the one who sat beside me whether i'm really not in the mood. There's also two guys that i've meet so called Semester 5. They gave me strength and encourage me so that i can go on with my life even much better that usual. Thank you guys, you guys really make me and Shyleena happy for our end of semester 2 :)

Here's the fact, do not trust easily to those people who loved to use puppy eyes on us. They not as cute as they seemed. Semester 2 teaches me how to communicate with other people with an open heart and also thanks to that sabahrian girl, she taught me about respect to others. Thank you again :)

Here's the picture of the guys that i've been talking bout :D

Heck yeah, they were the best friends that i have ever meet :)
Me love you guys so much :D

thanks for reading

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