Birthday Shout Out !

 I would like to say Happy Birthday to a guy named Ahmad Azzam A'fizzi.

He's in semester 6 for our new semester intake. He was the one who takes good care of me while i'm studying at Mersing. He teaches me stuff that turn me from the bad sides to the good sides. Anyway, your the best brother for a girl to have <3

He's jokes are super sucks and annoys us sometimes but if it's not because of him our atmosphere would be gloomy :') It's good to have a conversation with you even tough i don't know you for a very long time but it's nice to have known you.


Well, Happy Birthday to you. Again. LOL. That's the only gift that i can give since were just too far away =..=" Kuala Lumpur and Johor is like 500km and you lived at Johor. Well lets meet again at Politeknik. Once again, thank you because appears in my life. You make my life rock out loud ^.^ 

I really hope that we could be friend as long as we can ;)

thanks for reading

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