Taekwondo experience

Hai guys, today i would like to talk about my taekwondo experience at my own study place Polytechnic Mersing Johor, Yeaaay ! :D

It was my pleasure to join this sparring course again :) I really loved taekwondo since i was little. Then, i had to stop taekwondo when i was in form 3 because of my sir is sooo "pilih kasih". And give a big clap to Politeknik Mersing Johor, at least i got to kick someone ass again ! ;)

When it says "Kursus" i thought maybe it would be some kind of talk show or some you know like all the cheramah thingy, but it is a practical super hardcore training and i was like, Oh My Goooosh !

Eventough the training is harsh, but in the end it gave me my stamina back. I really am thankful for it :) Oh yeah, i made a lot of friends there. First of all meet my roommates :)

From left anati and adda :)
They were just supper awesomeee ! Plus idiotic as well, they gave me and shyleena a little note before they left, i will miss you guys sooooo much :*

There's one thing i would like to say, Adda my roommate ? well i stare at her face for quite long and when she smiles i scream "Muke Macam Awan Daniaaaa" ! aka Scha Al-Yahya ;) Thats the fact and it was true her face is identically to Scha, I have a proof okay ?

 Okay this is Adda Lee, for her facebook name and the fact is that scha is like her cousin.
Below is an example of Scha Al-Yahya, Well it was my luck to see an identical of Scha, and i'm proud of it ! wuhuuu ;)

thanks for reading

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