Results results :D

I felt a bit happy with my results for my final :) The fact is that i played a lot in semester 2 actually, but if it's not because of shyleena i wouldn't get this good results :) Thank you shy, your the best friend that a friend could had.

My result isn't that great but i'm very happy for now and because of this, i got to encourage myself to do better for my next semester. Thanks again to shyleena, she really did make my life better <3

That's it, my result :D hehehh, kinda happy for a sec cause i was truely shock by my own result cause i thought that i would get super bad results. i really am thankful for what that i have achieve :') Well, there's something that i wanted to show besides than results. Well i got a present ! yeaaay :) super cool ! A new watch :DD
Thank you Mr H, I really am loving it <3

thanks for reading

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