Meet Azizan bin Hussen ;)

I would like to talk about a guy who teaches me about life and how to prevent problems that has stressed out my life. He never let me down, well we loved to insult each other such as; "Boncet, Kepala Besar, Bulu, Gendud" and so on. My life is completely different when he's around at politeknik.

Like he said,  people just loved to talk back even our lecturer talks back. Just for the info i don't have any relationship with him but he's the one that i'm going to find first when i'm in trouble because he will find a way to solve it. My lecturer always said, stop dating with him , stop doing naughty things with him. Well i DIDN'T do anything okay ? So stop with all those stories just ask me before you did those stuff.

Eventough there's a lot of stuff happens there at politeknik's not all lecturer and students like that. For some example a lecturer named Miss Sakinah, when she heard some stories about me, she would ask me first if it is true or not. I hope that all of the lecturers did the same thing as you did. Me Love You miss :)

Back to Azizan Bin Hussen, haha. He's the naughtiest boy at politeknik. But he respects his lecturer, elders and his juniors. I think >_<, but what the heck you should't judge people by it's looks you should at least known his attitude first before taking the first strike.

That's him Azizan, he does looks like a criminal aight ? hehe. Well i'm very thankfull because i've got the chance knowing you. Meeting you is the best thing that have ever happens to me. Thank you Allah :)

thanks for reading

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