Mid Sem Break :)

Okay first of all, today is my last day here at Kuala Lumpur. Well i would like to shout out a special thanks to my parents because they bought me a new camera :D yeay for me ! After we bought the new camera then we went to Genting Highlands because this week is also my lil brothers last day here at home :p

There you are, Genting Highlands with a new camera ! Nikon D3100, thank you again dad <3

Beside that, i've got to meet my old best buddies. It's been a while since i meet them. I'm gonna continue the stories by pictures kay ? ;)

Well you know how it ends, hugs kisses and goodbyes. It's been a while since we have meet right ? Thank you friends, you guys are the best friend that a girl could have :'D

thanks for reading

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