Happy Days in Politeknik Mersing

There's have been an election on JPP this month. Well i have just updated my blog now because of lack on internet services. HAHA, i'm using my good time in our lab to online 4 a sec. I can't be one of the JPP because all of my lecturer said that i've got issues with politeknik so that i can't join them.

Hello, this is an election for students not for lecturers. Well, then there is some pictures that i would like to share with you guys. Well, even-tough i cant join the JPP but 2 of my class mate won the JPP ! Yeay for them !

First of all, i would like to thank my dad because buying me a new camera, i really am great full of having this camera it's becoming my heart and soul :D

thanks for reading

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  1. muehehehe...JPP ni kira adil ke tak wat pemilihan?